Do schools share or protect their mock examination papers?

It is a question that many schools seem to be facing this year with the introduction of new specifications. If mock examination papers are to be reused next year should schools protect the completed papers and prevent them from leaving the classroom?

As a tutor, having the mock examination papers enables me to target crucial knowledge in a short window of time and we know that conscientious students use their papers because it is the way to address those misunderstandings. There are also some parents that can help with exam papers too.

Considering that schools are struggling to cover the curriculum content in some subjects I wonder how schools will have the time to use these papers most effectively. It is perhaps a decision that schools are struggling with as I see different practice between schools; some have left it for individual departments to decide whether they release completed papers. I teach students have completed a number of mocks but are unable to take the papers home. There does not seem to be a consistent pattern as to which subject papers will be available either.

l see the positive impact on student learning and confidence when I we have the mock examinations to work with. Importantly, it prevents candidates from making the same mistakes in the final examination as they need time to review each question.

The opportunity to complete qualitiative reviews of mock exam papers is imperative if we are to address student misconceptions at a deeper level; 'correct answer' feedback is not enough.

As tutors we can access student misconceptions really quickly and makes an impressive difference. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all schools who allowed students to take their mock exams home this year, but truly appreciate that it has been difficult making decisions regarding the sharing of mock examination papers.

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